Archangel Raphael! Our Healer Allie! April 21 2018

When my children were young and they were sick or injured, we would "pray" to Archangel Raphael, that he would come to us and heal our injuries/illness...9 times of 10, by morning, there was complete health and vitality! Archangel Raphael is waiting to be asked to be helped!

New Moon Energies and Wishes April 09 2018

Every month we offer a women's new moon circle. We decided to make it just for women at a request to create a time and place for women to gather and support each other. We encourage men to use the wishes in their lives as well.

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What is going on with your ecommerce website? June 06 2016

Wow! Time has this mysterious way of getting away if we aren't staying on top of April, I put the website in non-sell mode until I could do some tweaks, etc. and it is June already, and those tweaks haven't happened!

So, let me tell you what is up with OptiMysm OnLine!  Over the summer, we will be uploading all the brick and mortar products onto the website, so you will be able to purchase items in "real time" - if it is not in the store in Taos, it won't be on the internet!

I believe this will make for a much better shopping experience, online and in the store!

So, please bear with me, as I make this transition - Blessed Be!


The 3 sisters/witches in Kit Carson Cemetery July 26 2015 2 Comments

Obsidian Orb erected at Taos Plaza June 07 2015 2 Comments

One month ago, 2 local citizens of Taos, put a 42 pound Obsidian Sphere on the roof of the gazebo on the Historic Taos Plaza. The properties of Black Obsidian are: Draws you inward to the center of yourself, to the place of truth. It is a stone for spiritual dreaming and creating. Black Obsidian is perfect for grounding and keeping you focused. If you have a tendency to be easily distracted or off-center,  this stone can be used to keep your mind on task. It is also beneficial for maintaining a postitive outlook by keeping negative thoughts at bay. It is used to deflect negative energy.

The stone was placed in Taos Plaza as a guardian spirit, so it will protect the town. Those of us that live here and are focused on the spiritual aspects, are hoping this will be true, as the history of Taos has much conflict and oppression connected to it. Time will tell if there has been an affect, frankly, I do believe there have been some seems things are coming up to be healed, and brought to the light...that can only be a postive thing!


If you wish to read more about the obsidian, go to the Taos News, May 7-13, 2015 edition in the Tempo.

Coming Out Of The Broom Closet! May 05 2015 1 Comment

I have been a practicing "witch" for almost 25 years, this lifetime ;)  and have owned 2 metaphysical bookstores over the past 15 years. For many years, I had been "hidden", acting like I had no special skills, besides creating and running a successful and interesting gift store or two. 

Over the past year I have been hearing the whispers of the Goddess, telling me it is time to step up and take a stance, be brave, be your authentic self! So, on April 2, 2015, I came out of the Broom Closet, at a community event in my awesome and open-minded home of Taos, New Mexico. 300 interested and supportive community members were my witness!  Since that time, I have experienced much change in my relationship to myself, my family and my customers! People are now asking me for help with their spell works! It is so much fun!

I also realized that I hadn't been crafty over the past years...I was a soapmaker, herbalist and salve maker extraordaire just a short 10 years ago...weaving potions in honor of the Goddesses and Gods! So, I am getting back to my roots - I am living at my shop, in an apartment in the back of the store...just like Laurie Cabot did in 1973 in Salem! So excited for all the possibilities!

Next up...a podcast, speaking to witches and spiritual people and sharing their "coming out of the broom closet" stories...I hope you will join me!


Crystal Grids September 11 2014

I have added a crystal grid to the altar in the shop! It has been programmed to hold this purpose..."OptiMysm is a busy and prosperous Metaphysical Shop". This grid was set-up initially by my new friend, Eleanor Smyth. She is a very wonderful friend who has a lot of experience with crystals and even sells crystals, jewelry and jewelry making supplies on Etsy. You can find her Etsy store at :  After we constructed the crystal grid we realized that a workshop was in order. We will be offering a Crystal Grid workshop on Monday, September 29th, at 6:30 - 8pm at OptiMysm. You will learn how to construct a crystal grid focused towards your intention, be it Health, Love, Protection, Prosperity. The cost is $10, and will include information on the appropriate stones and crystals for your intended purpose, and how to program the grid, cleanse the grid, and repurpose the grid. 


We will also have "kits" available for your intention!

Opening a Web store May 23 2014

It's been a very exciting and interesting process, learning about and adjusting my hopes and expectations in having a fully functional website and ecommerce site. A year ago, my incredible tech-savvy son helped me get started with a server...seemed easy, and seemed like the right fit...when I went in to add some products, it was just too complicated for this 50+ woman to wrap my head I put it on the back burner. Fast forward a year...a much easier platform and a year of looking at what is out there, and we have our current website! I am so happy about the potential that this new site offers my brick and mortar shop, in Taos, New Mexico. A blending of virtual and real life, you could say!


I look forward to sharing my thoughts on spiritual entrepreneurship, and other topics as they arise!


Blessed Be! 

First Post May 12 2014

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