Advanced Time Cards

$ 29.95

165 cards w/ 40 page instruction booklet; 3-3/4" x 8"

So much more than a game! Advanced Time Cards are the complete first edition to this amazing and fun healing tool, channeled by David A. Roberts. The cards are a one-of-a-kind combination used for individual and/or group self-discovery. Players have been known to uncover answers to life questions and trigger personal revelations which escaped them through years of traditional therapy. The deck of 165 thought provoking images and words will be a unique and powerful tool for divination, inner healing, and self-exploration. These cards can be used like tarot or any other divination deck, but among other ways to use them is a game called "Time". This fun and introspective game provides a unique atmosphere for communication, healing, sharing and learning. The "game" goes far beyond the cards and teaches universal truths about time, space and gravity, defining who we are and the parts (or versions) of ourselves, and interpreting and manifesting reality. Learn and understand the time dimension on a level you never thought possible. Move from analog to digital thinking and find yourself developing deeper communication between your conscious and unconscious self. For ages 9 to adult, this is THE deck of cards for the new paradigm! With The Game of Time, everyone learns, everyone grows and everyone wins!!! Self-discovery has never been more attainable and more enjoyable as with Dave’s cutting edge concepts of time, self and reality. Look for Dave’s companion book Heal Yourself in Time and take your inner journey to new heights of understanding and freedom. Also look for the Beginning Time Cards set!

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