Attar Oil: Atma

$ 19.95

.5 ounce, Mint, Lemongrass and Frankincense

Attar is an ancient Persian word which means essence or sweet smell. This describes what many people consider to be the finest alcohol free perfume oils in the world. A genuine well made attar will consist of a highly concentrated aromatic oil, usually non irritating to most skin types, that presents a scent unlike any traditional perfumery product. Attars are made so well that a tiny drop can provide a long lasting enjoyment for many hours. It is important to mention that our oils do not include any animal derived ingredients and are cruelty free. Attars are not essential oils in the sense that they can comprise of several to sometimes 20-30 different raw materials, flowers, essential oils and perfumes. Attars are usually blended with carrier oils such as Jojoba. Although some attars may come in a pure essential oil form, they do not claim to have the same natural qualities, simply because the purpose of attar oils, rather then being a therapeutic product that benefits one on a molecular or herbal level, is to delivers its benefit in the form of scent. In genuine attar oil whats important is the quality of the scent which most attar fans consider to be mentally and spiritually transforming.

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